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Learn more about your customers through a HOED Research Experience Program.

Did you know that 80% of customers will never purchase again from a company that delivers a bad in-store experience? Source: 2009 SAS Institute Customer Experience Study

Most commercial enterprises create value through customer interactions. The outcome of which is an experience for the customer. This experience generally determines:

  • If the customer will recommend the company
  • If the customer will purchase additional products or services
  • If the customer will remain loyal to the company

All of these outcomes have a quantifiable impact on revenue so companies are starting to focus seriously on delivering the optimal customer experience - one that aligns to their brand promise and creates sustainable value.

Hoed Research is one of Australasia's leading Customer Experience Management firms. We have been working with organisations for over 20 years to help manage and enhance the experience they provide to their customers.

We offer an advanced range of services including: